The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


That’s me excited for the Christmas season that kicks off, this weekend! (Kinda looks like Red, when she gets excited for food and before she got put on a diet). I am positive, the busier we get, the less time I have to obsess about inconsequential details, like whether all our hats are going to match on Sunday – just wear a darn hat! Toque, cowboy hat, just cover your heads! Last year I planned everything in my head and it all changed on the fly.

Sunday – Lindsay Santa Claus Parade! 2pm, be there! The parade leaves from Fleming College, Frost Campus and ends at Mill park. We are bringing the truck, trailer, 5 minis and 7 kids. Couple adults too – wave to Mr. Sheppard he will be driving. The theme of this year’s parade is Christmas Movies, I have a horribly trained, short haired Beethoven I want to stick in the truck. Young kids, Beethoven, people my age, oh Cujo! Some days she is both.

Poor Dixie – do a little throwback to last year.


See last year, it was in a way a good thing we had a travel incident, because we found out, the end of the parade is a cluster you know what. So we figure, smarty pants we are, to take the truck and trailer and load as soon as it is all over! This is why I am a lunatic about trailer training, get on and stand still with no BS. We are supposed to marshall at noon – I might be there with the jeep, but I am not having the horses stand 2 hours, they can roll in at 1:15pm

Next weekend is quiet on the “horse” front – see that, clever gal I am! It is my daughters great, big, 9th birthday weekend. Some manis, pedis, a taco buffet.

December 1st, Christmas on the Farm and, just announced today, we are going to the Down Syndrome Association of Peterborough Christmas Party! Sorry Fairview, we might need naps Monday afternoon. I was going to schedule a home in the morning, sometimes things work out for the best, in spite of me, that is a good thing because I could blankety blank up a church according to my ex.

The 7th and 8th are quiet for now. We are in Sleeping Beauty performances for my daughter’s dance school. I really want to go to the Aurora Festival… But, they have a pretty good bake sale at the performance.

We follow that up the following weekend with Little Britain parade Friday night – Michelle is totes in charge, I will just drive the truck and trailer there. Saturday is Woodville Parade in the evening, I am down a child for that, she has defected to her dance team’s float. She was pretty excited til I reminded her she isn’t a “little kid”, anymore and will probably have to dance the entire parade! On the street, in the cold.


Then, we start 10 days of Christmas Cheer and visiting. Some visits are surprises, you never know where we might show up! Like outside the CBC studios in Kitchener 😉 (After finding out L’il Ben rode the Go Train and then that a man and his goat were interviewed on the CBC, I reached out to my sister who works for the CBC, she is not interested in my minis. However I guarantee, I show up outside the studios with them, they will let me in! Then call my Mom, who will yell at me.)

Happy start of the holiday season folks! This year, because of what we are doing, it seems extra special. 🙂 Mr. Sheppard is disappointed I put the tree up alone, he seemed more upset when I mentioned, it was because, maybe this year it won’t look like an abomination. Our little Miss Glass Half Full reminded him, yes that is their tradition, but so is the gingerbread house and the scarfing down of 15lbs of sugar and candy in the building process.

‘Til later friends!



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