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So much more than miniature therapy horses.


Something in Red

Foundation Horse

Foaled 2000, Red is the quintessential been there, done that horse. Formerly a lead horse on a six horse hitch, Red can be driven, rode and excels at halter and showmanship. A lovely chestnut with a silver mane, she embodies the conformation of a B-Class Miniature Horse.

Red was the first horse used in programs and events. She is slow and steady and prefers to work with seniors and adults. Red is the Dam, (Mother) of Mia.


Mia Nova Valentine

Northrup Farms L’il Cassanova x Something in Red

Excels with Children and Adults with Exceptionalities

Foaled May 2015. Mia is the little horse who continues to surprise. She is a half sister to Max on the stud’s side. When I bought her, she refused to walk through a mud puddle, it took 2 men to trim her feet and once, I spent a half hour chasing her around a manure pile, trying to catch her. Today she continues to amaze us, she gives kisses, gets in close for hugs and has quite the sense of humour, untying people’s shoes if they are not looking.

My favourite quote is, “A horse will cross any bridge you put in front of it, as long as the first bridge is from them to you.” Mia embodies this, you earn her trust, she will do anything you ask of her.


Maximum Carnage

Northrup Farms L’il Cassanova x Pumpkins Chicklet

Paddock Comedian, All about the young and young at heart

Foaled April 2015 Max is our only boy, he is showy and fun and look at me!! He excels at obstacle courses, jumping and running. Max loves kids and kids love him. He will be spending the next year in the Valentia Miniature Horse Team program, he is very good at visits in nursing homes, but he really excels at schools and homeless shelters. For all his bravado, Max lacks the confidence necessary for working in a solo role. He is best part of a team.

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