Social Enterprise and Cost Structure

In having a conversation with a potential client today, I was explaining, we never say no, to anyone.

Right now, we are a partnership, our structure is that of a social enterprise. A social enterprise uses traditional business methods, to achieve a social impact. So we take that great business school education and we use it to solve a social issue. In time, we will incorporate and then we will seek B Corporation status. B Corps are these new, sexy, hybrid businesses that balance profit with purpose. They focus on a social, environmental impact as well as employees being treated as stakeholders and fostering inclusive environments. As we reshape our BHAG, ever so slightly to refine it, we stay with the moniker, our horses are changing the world, for everyone, not just those who cut us a cheque.

So please don’t be afraid to pick up the phone or drop us an email. Money is not the only commodity I trade in. We also are more than willing to help you make money for your business. Have kissing booth and cute horses, will travel. Maybe you pass our name on to 10 people, or have a teen who would write my social media posts for a year, maybe we host a club horse show at your facility and everyone but the residents pays to watch. A pair of size 9 Ariat boots, someone to spend an hour a week on my website… the list is endless! Where there is a will, there is a way, because when you have seen someone weep with joy, believing they would never get to see or touch a horse again, or heard someone non verbal, speak the word, beautiful; you understand what an effect these horses have. I want everyone, everywhere to experience it.

So call me, we will not say no. We might say, we have to figure this out lol, but never no.

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