So that’s a wrap

Hoping everyone is having a good weekend. My, there are some grinches out there, though aren’t there?

So we did the Little Britain parade, we really hemmed and hawed on doing it. The weather cooperated, our friends were available and Denise, our minister has always been so supportive of what I do with the horses, she is a huge part of the community association, so I wanted to do it, to support them too. It was so much fun, Miss Red again, needed to be taken by me halfway through. I don’t complain, I love working with that little monkey.

She is a little stunner!

I took her over to meet kids, we dressed the minis as unicorns. It was great.

We forgot to take a picture until after we loaded. Mia is in there, eating hay at the front.

Full week coming up, actually every day until Christmas. I am definitely looking forward to it and Mia got some new boots. They are sparkly Cavallos. Thanks Victoria Feeds, Horse and Hound! They never disappoint. Red will do Monday, Mia Tuesday, both Wednesday, (I will be joined be a new recruit that day too) and then maybe finish the week with Mia. She is less reliable on potty training, but if you walk her 10 minutes before a visit, she will go. Unlike her mother who asks to go, gets 10ft from her trailer and fills the diaper. It’s like she’s saying, clean me peasant…

I am mulling over our social media presence and marketing. I really feel I need guidance. I am proud of how we are growing, I love our followers, but I want to make sure we are sharing good, timely content. People have such limited time, any time they spend on your content is really important to you as a business owner and if your content is same old, same old, poorly written, badly timed, you might still have likes, but you probably have a lot of scroll on bys. I feel like I need someone to look at our analytics and help me devise a plan. I am followed by a well known politician, within minutes of me posting, he likes my photos, he is either a stalker or uses a social media app. Do I need an app, how do I better engage, these sorts of things. I would love to do videos, do I need YouTube, Tiktok or Vine if that even exists anymore. I follow businesses who have what I want, I watch what they are doing, but I do have horses to train, visits to do, a wonderful child to spend time with and the big guy too. I want to make sure I am spending my time effectively. I have the bootcamp in January, then I/we will be a part of Next 25, which is a year long mentoring program. I guess I will see what supports bootcamp and Next 25 have, I may spend some money and get an influencer friend to take a peek. Maybe see if she would do a seminar for us.

At any rate, for now it will be me, writing our content. Lawd help us all!

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