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So, like, since we got the minis, I have been saying they need to show. That way if they act up in public I am not cursing under my breath threatening them with, wait ’til your butt gets back to the barn. Our farrier suggested Haliburton Horseman’s Association, small club, lots of minis, very laid back, no politics. Perfect for us newbies – I come from the racing world, whole different kettle of horse manure.

Getting ready, we shaved off whiskers, any longer hairs, trimmed up the manes, thinned them, cut off stray hair, shaved the feathers. This is where we made a decision, Mia was just going to watch. Mia wouldn’t let me shave her legs. I do not know why, I don’t know why the clippers were scary this time, but they were. So, instead of a quiet day at the barn, Red came in to pinch hit. Red would be shown by my daughter, I would show Max, Mia was coming, she could hang out with Trent and watch what happened.

Day of the show, we’re there an hour early, Max is clean(ish), we are ready to roll. The judge has kidney stones, there is no judging, just a fun day out!

We had Red, read by an animal communicator. The communicator knew stuff we were blown away by. Red apparently asked if I was feeling better – nobody outside of Trent and I knew anything about me not being well this year. Talked about her diaper, how she doesn’t always enjoy the memory wards, how her feet felt better since we changed how she is trimmed. She called Max a brat LOL

It was a great day! In light of the strangles outbreak, we will only be doing limited shows this year, but c’mon out! Now that we have the mini express trailer, we are trucking a ton of horses to Minden on September 8. We have 4 or 5 kids and minis coming.


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