Sensory Sensitive Saturdays

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Hey Michelle, I have a crazy idea, that is how I greeted one of the owners of the barn about a month ago. She was busy, I was busy, but I did tell her, I thought we should combine forces and do a sensory sensitive, mom and tot time at the farm.

So we are working on researching and market studying, with a goal of a soft launch in September.

We would have a choice of two crafts, some neat ones I found were foam fireworks, no bang, hidden treasures in a sensory bottle. We would have just a few animals in the barn and a choice of grooming or feeding, (from a bucket) in a one on one scenario. We would have a calming tent as well as a calming corner for when kids find it too overwhelming. No machinery would be run, no radios, just the peace and serenity of the barn and the animals.

The cost – a free will offering, right now with the cuts and changes to provincial funding, especially in our area, we want to do our part to support the caregivers of autistic children.

Maybe even just let a mom or dad or grandparent have a coffee with another carer.

So we are looking for feedback! Email me, dm me, call me! 705-879-7034 We also want the program to include feedback from the parents, so we can evolve and grow it.

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