Rain Be Gone!

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What a week, could it please stop raining!

Red had an excellent visit with a seniors residence yesterday! She was back to her normal self, she did get excited when a staff member’s energy was a bit much. She caused quite the traffic jam when we stopped on one particular floor, as a surprise, just as the residents were on their way to lunch. It was a large crowd and she did awesome!

She can be so cheeky, I guess she was really hungry, I bring grain, to one lure her onto the trailer – sometimes she can be a donkey and for lunch between jobs. She travels with a hay bag, she ate most of it on the way, I had carrots stuffed in one pocket and treats in the other. She actually stuffed her nose into my pocket and helped herself to a carrot! She managed to grip just the end of it and work it out of the pocket. She was trying to gnaw through my shirt to get her treats.

I find myself trying to get in their heads, so I chalk Monday – and it was by no means a bad visit, just she was off a bit, to her being tired after a week of nothing, me having been sick and away AND she showed me this yesterday, I designed the parameters of the program and what I expect of the horses from the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog program, I took a dog through the training and testing and worked with them, I built my program on it, so things like anyone has to be able to take her lead; she didn’t want that. As soon as I went to hand her off for pictures, she started to become agitated. She wanted to stand and lean on me, we have a thing, she stands beside me, my hand rests on her side. I was not doing that. This is her and my time, her special time. We are a team, sometimes it is just her and I driving places and working, I was away, I had been sick, I was stressed over fears for my family member. I was off, which meant she was off and therein was the rub. If my energy is low, her energy is low, if I am calm, she is calm, this is our working relationship.

So now I know, the program is on the right path, we have that bond, that working together brings. I am starting to see it with Max. Sometimes with Mia – and sometimes not. Wednesday was worming night, once a month on the first. Mia, who I normally worm in the stall was having none of it. Wormer is just an apple flavoured paste that goes in their mouth. I hate having a bad situation with a horse, for every bad thing, you need 7 good things to overcome it. I walked over to worm her, she reared. Mia never rears, but she is horsing, (in heat). So, she can’t get away with it, she had to be held while it (worming) was done, she was not happy, I was not happy. Now we have to work twice as hard to overcome it. We are talking about something that takes no more than 10 seconds and I usually just carry a syringe into the stall and shoot it into their mouths, no ties, no holding.

So what does that mean for training, well, we have to chart Mia’s estrous cycle. She just will not come off the farm or be handled by anyone but me when she is in heat. We also changed up their routine. They will be fed grain first, then brought out while we muck and brush them, then back in for the night with hay. They have loads of outside time, but really need some human time.

So rain, rain, go away! I need to get my minis outside in the ring, we need to do an obstacle course, run a bit in hand and play. We also need all the winter coat to come out! We need to train!

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