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I cannot tell you how many times a day I curse myself for not buying my laptop with a numeric side key pad. I have a Lenovo, and I love it, but I miss my numeric pad. That’s what happens when you have no patience and won’t wait for your computer guy to order a different one in.

This has been a very busy week. Very soon you will be hearing radio ads, if you live in the GTA region and listen to KICX 96, featuring us. I am really pushing forward this year to make us the standard in birthday parties, event appearances and just the best at what we do. So I threw some money on a radio ad and fancied up the website. (Honestly for what I paid, I should have hired someone to do it, then I would have someone to yell at when I forget how to run the backend dashboard – I am so much prettier than I am smart) BUT we have a gift shop, so you can add on extra special gifts to your parties and appearances, or just buy something extra special and we can ship it and most importantly, you can book us online. That alone is worth the money. Not that I don’t love talking to all of you and not that I don’t deny how much of a control freak I am, that the management of my business diary being out of my hands is the most frightening thing I can imagine; however it had to come. It is 100% a time issue. I still welcome your calls, I still will answer any and all questions, but for folks who have booked us hundreds of times, for folks who are, be here, at this time, we don’t care about anything – this is easier. You pay right online with Stripe or we do e-transfer, cash etc., on the day of the event. Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy!

So what have we been up to, what have the horses been up to? We got a new logo!

I love it, just adore it! We got it here we also bought some t-shirts and golf shirts and new vests. We filled up lessons in Orono, actually had to add an extra timeslot. Those little ponies are going to be tired.

Chester did a pony ride for a young lady who has never rode before. She is a friend of Jessica’s, so we popped her on his back. She’s a little off balance in this pic, but we need to get Mr. Chester back in shape, so some pony rides, some walking with tack on, Jim gave me some exercises for his back.

My two handsome boys, they both look fine from behind
Walking Max in for dinner, really walking a mini towards dinner is the easiest thing in the world, especially Max

Both Red and Max drove today, Red behaved, Max had a rough time, I think it is back to basics, just line drive him, he needs to get confident in what I am asking, the cart seems to scare him. Red was amazing, what a little mare. I took Jim’s advice and drove her in the fenced in sand ring, she walked, she trotted, she kept trying to canter, I kept pulling her back down into a walk. With her the plan is a week or so of just laps around the ring, then we will set up obstacles to drive around and then, when I am convinced she will not kill me, we will venture out of the ring and start driving a bit more distance. The masseuse mentioned her stifles, minis are prone to stifle issues and she is a bit older, so slow and steady. Here are Red and Chester receiving massages. Check out Chester, he looks like he is really into it, almost critiquing her technique, pretty brash for a horse for whom that is only the second massage of his life. He lived in a field with an old mare who was barren and a bunch of cows prior to coming to Valentia Equestrian.

She kept yawning and really enjoying her “treat”
Aw yes, that is the spot, just a little to the left, thank you darling. Don’t touch my bum.

Well, we’re in another lock-down, I am just happy the vaccine has opened up to younger people and we seem on track to all be vaccinated by July, at least the first shot. I received mine early March – through work, my second shot is delayed until June, which is fine by me, get everyone else done! Get my Mom and Dad done, I haven’t seen them in ages, Mr. Shep hasn’t seen his Mom in 2 years and she is having significant health issues, he and Jess need to fly down this summer, right now, they would have to quarantine 14 days once there and possibly the same when back. I don’t remember normal and I’m not sure the way before was right, but I really hope for the sake of everyone’s mental health that some of the restrictions can lift.

Stay safe! Happy Easter, my new suit is going to have a very long life 🙂

The minis did not appreciate it, Mia tried to kick me, Red knew it was me, but she wanted nothing to do with me, Max was curious, but I think I had just eaten a cupcake, he probably smelled food.

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