New Rules!

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Sounds so strict…

The problem with rule books, I am the first to throw them out.

Going over in my mind, 50,000 times before I send an “official” email, a few new ground rules. Nothing big, just to deal with crowd control and bathroom breaks – for the minis and me.

Yesterday at the 45 minute mark Red indicated, she paws three times, if I ignore her, she gets agitated, so this time, I ignored nothing, I need to get her out of here. So we went to the trailer, she didn’t want to get on, (ornery little doll!). Finally she gets on, doesn’t want water, doesn’t want anything, I take her diaper off, leave her alone and RELIEF! She pooped. Back in she went, finished her rounds and didn’t get excited until it was time to go, then she pranced all the way outside.

So with Max joining the family biz 🙂 next month, we need the rules in place and a bit tighter. Just until we get a feel for him working. AND only for select places, he will just be going to places I have a good, strong relationship with. In case he kicks their elevators like he did my trailer – just kidding. He will wear kicking straps.

If you want to see the minis, they will be on display at our house this weekend! The Kawartha Pollinator Garden Tour – our little abode is a stop off. So weeding and writing emails, I guess I know what I am doing Thursday afternoon!

Have a great day everyone!

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