Well maybe for minis.

The mini muffins have been busy! Max had 2 baths!

We slow down now until the end of June. Relaxing, playing, being horses, well Red still has to work Monday and Thursdays.

Max, so much with our big bear. This Tuesday I am going to check out open night at Oak Springs Farms, then next week, Max will start training there. 2 baths! Last year we had a disastrous bath experience, so the rule, 7 times positive to overcome 1 bad… We had a few cowboy baths, bit of water play and then Jim (Ward), took him from me and showered him. Just Jim, Max and a hose, no lead shank, nothing other than some conversation and water. Friday night I showered him myself, just me Max and a hose, good conversation and praises, some jokes and lots of water! He starts retirement home visits in July.

Mia poked herself in the eye with something, that horse is a disaster. So it has been tincture in her eye for a week, but she is all healed up. I don’t want to tell her, because she will hurt herself to get out of it, but she might be starting mountain trail training too. She was supposed to go to Uxbridge with Max, but I had one helper at a show, one in France, one looking after her sick sister and my husband working. Plus Mia has an oozing eye. Mia cannot go alone and Max needs his own person, so Red and I went, with this adorbs helper. Kisses in the booth, holding Red after her bath Sunday morning.

This is so big, a couple years ago, Jessie did lessons, well she got dragged once, thrown badly once, even with my adorable minis, she has been scared. She has asked for lessons again. She starts back Wednesday.

Thank you Red, you healed my daughter’s fear. You probably also started her down a path that will be hella expensive. (It’s coming out of your carrot money)!

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