Mia Did It

Well, Mia and I did it…

Ok it was all Mia.

Mia rode the elevator, three times! The first time was a please, get on. The second time went a bit better, the third time was an accident. We had rode up to the second floor, doors open and a resident gets on, I never ride with residents, too much of a liability and this particular resident was known to be violent, so we got off, the staff got the resident off and back on Mia and I got! She did it!! When Mia arrived a couple years ago, she was shy and nervous, hated mud puddles, hated bathing, farrier and the first time we put her on the trailer, Phil and I basically lifted her on.

Now look at her, ready to be used in therapy work. She needs a new harness and boots, she is significantly smaller than Red.


CHRISTMAS! Did I mention I love Christmas, probably like a gazillion times. Did you see us at the parade, we were pretty much the best group in the whole parade. We didn’t win an award or anything, but I’m sure it was just an oversight. I will upload more pics later, we had Valentia’s minis, Brownie and Star and then our three. Red being the only one who pooped on the route, I sorta cleaned it up 🙂

Sunday is going to be Funday – also sorry Denise, I will not be in church again. We have Christmas on the Farm and the Down Syndrome Association of Peterborough’s Christmas Party. Saturday we have baths. I noticed yesterday both girls smell a little “country”. We’ll cowboy bath for Thursday, but Sunday it’s gonna be the real thing. Oh, we could watch Christmas movies and eat apples!


I quit my job!!! There are so many good memes for this… I try to keep the blog PG though. We are halfway through my three weeks notice, I am going to take a week to do nothing. Well nothing of substance, I might take little Missy to the Aurora festival – wondering if there is any feedback from folks who have went, or just a quickie trip to the Distillery District for the Christmas Market. Lots of paperwork.

Speaking of which, I sometimes feel like sharing bizness stuff too. I got accepted into my founder boot camp and judging from the pictures, I missed a great time, I think they are doing it again in January, so hopefully I will be at that one. Timing sucked. I am slowly becoming one of those people you have to book stuff 6 weeks in advance with.

We upgraded to Quickbooks, it has aspects I like. So because we accept money for the horses, we have to travel in a commercial vehicle, CVOR and commercial insurance and inspections annually, so we have a transport side to the company to offset costs, so I don’t have to raise Red and Mia’s rates for 2020. This is why, I am uber careful to not call Max, Mia or Red, therapy horses. I provide trained, clean horses, UTD on immunizations and in accordance with strict bio-security protocol for use in therapy programs. See the difference? It’s important. All that aside, Mr Sheppard needed to be able to access the app on the go and lets face it, him uploading receipts is so much easier than him keeping them and me getting them 4 months later. (Actually it is more me) So we do some custom trucking, graduating to Quickbooks made sense. We previously used Wave and it was great! However, Quickbooks has one other integration I desperately needed, Method CRM.

CRM’s are customer management software, so Method integrates with QB and Gmail, I can manage my calendar from it, it works on a pipeline platform to track point of contact to sale and helps with retention. I am getting older, new companies get confusing, you are energetic, you talk to 100 people, you remember 20 – I want to remember the 100. Plus, this helps with task management, time management and goal setting – all things I love, things that can get pushed to the wayside. You tend to focus on the current clients and forget the prospective or the previous. Not everyone can afford us, so while I have 30 appointments for next month for example, my off time needs to be spent helping to problem solve for the 10 who need a bit of help, so I tag them onto a nighttime, or weekend, or a quickie one hour pop-in on the way home. Remembering to talk to those organizations who rent space for programs and can’t have a horse inside the building. Talk to them before Spring, can we attend an event for them, are we doing an event we can split proceeds with. For Small Hooves to survive and serve it’s clientele and expand, I need to employ my business school training (cough, Lazaridis, shameless plug), and my sales training. (Not the part where the older men in our professions told us we were young and pretty, don’t act like tramps if the wives were around. – Yes it happened, what a world we started our careers in. Sadly, I was back at Lazaridis a couple years ago and found out from a younger lady, who is an entrepreneur, University professor and business maven, the same thing was said to her recently.)

So for anyone thinking we have forgotten about them, we have not and I will be in touch very soon. Just winding down the old,to start up the new.

See you soon! Hopefully Sunday, 188 Valentia Road, Little Britian, 11am – 3pm 🙂


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