Max went to work!

I did a birthday party for a friend on the weekend. Just Maxie Bear, the party was 11 minutes away and they were horse people. Max did well, but Max needs a friend.

As soon as I took him off the trailer he was nervous. I felt awful for him, because when he is nervous, Max is not the sweet, cuddly bear, he is an obstinate nag.

So, I think we will call it a day with birthday parties for this year, unless we take 2 horses. Public events we have 2 going, maybe 3. Give them another year to grow, we’re not going anywhere and I almost have as much work as we can do. Too bad, we spent all that money on contracts! 😉 Everything going forward we have 2, so Red can teach the ropes 🙂

But how awesome did he look!

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