Max the Therapy Horse?

He did it! He went to a nursing home and made people happy!

Here is before we left.

The first home he didn’t go in and the accidental double feeding of hay the night before was not favourable for Red. The diaper over flowed. Max ate hay at the trailer and hung out with Amy.

After a disgusting cleaning of Red’s diaper, Amy actually turned green, I was completely oblivious, because, well poop happens! A quick lunch, it was time.

Scary, new smells, weird grates on the floor, an auto door, where did we take sweet Max? I saw him quiver and I took a deep breath in, long breath out. He relaxed and did ok. Actually, he did really well and is going to start coming along. We will extend visits a bit longer and switch horses halfway through. Red got silly left alone with Amy, but Max wasn’t diapered and I wasn’t taking chances. 🙂

Everyone thought he was so gorgeous. He is.

Amy is tasked with teaching him the Get Up Dance Challenge. Check out Facebook and Instagram, some video there!

The minis are part of the programming at the farm this week. They get to play! Obstacle courses, inhand races, oh boy, they will be tired!

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