March Break is Almost Over!

Back to school kiddos – or not…

The decision to send or not has been the toughest I have ever made. On one hand, there is a deadly pandemic with a virus that is already mutating, on the other, kids need school – the mental health aspect, on the other hand… Honestly I don’t have enough hands for the mental gymnastics every parent is doing right now!

We are moving into our own barn – it’s at the same location we are now, we are just taking over one of the barns. It will be reconfigured and winterized to host birthdays, a mini sand ring for inside, in hand lessons. We will run pony reading club – huge thanks to
Meredith for her donation of an e-reader to the program. We are waiting on a grant that would see us launch this program and a forgotten skills program, including seniors. Fingers, toes and anything else you got crossed! We have home school programs we are working on for home schooled and distance learners.The minis have 3 photo shoots for September, October and November, Christmas on the farm in December – things are shaping up!! Plus – our long term care and retirement homes are opening back up to let us in, health unit by health unit, residence by residence.

That’s all, please be safe and stay healthy. Don’t be a “rat licker” – apparently that is someone who refuses to wear a mask, an expression that dates back to the days of the bubonic plague. Young kids and their crazy expressions!

Chester is getting a massage and his teeth done tomorrow. He’s not spoiled… I had to call the vet and request they not come until 10am because his masseuse comes at 9.

So handsome, I look adorbs wearing my daughter’s helmet – she has an abnormally large head for a child.

Off to the bank, the 4 legged kids cost money and thankfully the bank sees my dreams too!

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