Little Mia Worked

Max, bathed, stall cleaned, fresh shavings, poops and sleeps on it.So Mia went to work! I explained she was very young and new, at the first residence I walked her through a breezeway, getting her used to the doors. She stayed out until Red finished her rounds, then both came in at the end. She did pretty good! Except the elevator, she wouldn’t get on. BUT she has only been trailered a few times. So all in time.And now, some exciting things, we are shooting a TV spot on August 8, we are at the Haliburton Horsemans Association Show on August 11, we are doing the Oshawa Santa Claus parade, as well as Lindsay and, we go full time in January! Super exciting and this journey has been amazing. Thank you all for following along.I tried to get Tianna to do the get up challenge with Mia, have an Amy vs Tianna, Max vs Mia challenge! Mia kept laying down and rolling, she misunderstood the challenge.

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