Isolation Day?

Everyday my gf posts on social media. She is in New York state, her post includes the number of days in isolation and one interesting thing about the day, with a picture, all from the point of view of her dog. Her dog is super cute, the posts are humerous and let us know, they are hanging in and on.

I did some bookkeeping today for a client, absolutely the worst of the worst, especially the wife – yeah I did ours. First quarter is done, I just have to import the mileage from the tracker. We should break even – not bad. It forced me to take a long hard look at some things, price structure for one. We will be putting a minimum on our visits, we just cannot travel an hour one way, an hour back, visit for an hour and only charge one hour. I want to make the program as accessible as possible, but we really need to look at things. If I were my own client – I mean I am, I would look myself straight in the eyes and ask, “are you bloody stupid? Put two slices of bread over your ears, you’re an idiot sandwich.” I’d probably end up crying, be a bad situation. We have always said, we will never raise prices for those who have been with us from the beginning, but moving forward, new clients, might see a slight difference.

YouTube. We’re all in. We have had many suggestions to do videos, even before the pandemic started, I looked at some different options, chatted with some social media influencers and landed on a YouTube channel. I have to find an inexpensive and simple video editing software. When we were kids, my mom once bought a camera because on the commercial a monkey could operate it, (power of advertising), that’s the software I need. I need to look no further than my own kid for content suggestions, I stumbled upon her channel – which she did not have permission to create and for which she is suffering a very severe punishment, the kid had 1,900 views on one video, it was her giving an opinion on two gamers she follows. Me and my minis should be sensations in no time. 😉

I bought the wrong kind of cubed hay one day, this stuff looked more like crunch, which we feed as treats or soaked in a bucket. Usually we soak it overnight, it’s fiber for them, hay is sacred right now. We are paying $7.00 a bale, by comparison I paid $5 a bale last year, from the same guy. I am rationing their flakes of hay. Of course they love this new hay cube slop, it looks like poop and is the consistency of baby poop. So gross, even worse when one of them slops it on the others head. We keep buying it for them, because they like it. I’m so glad they’ve trained us well.

This is crunch, usually a nice green colour when soaked, the stuff I bought, baby poop brown and they love it.

Prices are up on everything. The cubes are about $6 more than we were buying last year – I made the choice to switch to peat moss and I have never regretted it, that is the one thing that has not increased. We are wholesale customers with Arnts in Whitby and they give us a great rate! Oats, performance mix and herring oil rounds out their sustenance LOL. The performance mix is just a beefed up sweet feed really in a pelleted version. We went to it because of Red being older and we desperately needed to get weight on Mia.

mia thin
Skinny Mini Mia

It wasn’t illness or lack of food, she had a growth spurt, she will probably grow a bit again, her topline is off a bit. She grew almost an inch, lost her baby teeth – rough spring last year! So we got some weight on her, I am almost obsessive, touching her neck, (along the spine) all the time, like maybe she gained an ounce in the five minutes since I last touched her. She is healthy now, could gain a couple pounds, but she needs work and conditioning to see how much really. Red keeps herself conditioned, Max gains muscle eating, Mia is our slight girl, who needs some help. She looks normal now and should be OK once the coat is all out.

From left, Red, Max, Mia

So I am working up our first You Tube videos, thinking a grooming and brushing, maybe a feed. Definitely some training! I thought of Cameo – doing birthday greetings for people, but we probably don’t have enough social media followers for them to accept us. We’ll still do it, just won’t be Cameo, if anyone is interested. Social media is like a job unto itself. Even writing this blog, it can be tough to find the time, or have an idea of what to write. I do feel it is important right now. I know we have readers in Long Term Care and Retirement homes, who we visit. This is a way for me to let them know, we are thinking of them, the minis are good and we’ll see them soon.

One of the local businesses, Castle Keep Right announced they are done, 8 years in business, they serviced seniors, doing odd jobs, providing PSWs, doing shopping, companion services. I am just stunned, what a blow that will be to the senior community. It’s awful to lose businesses, especially ones that are so needed. I like to think, keeping social media updated, especially the blog, lets people know we are still in here, we are holding on, and we will be back.

In fact, we will be back very soon with a mini muffin tour. A thermos of coffee, the Sheppard family, all 3 minis, yes even Max, a cooler of sandwiches, snacks and we will be going to most of our residences, stopping, waving and driving on.

I don’t know when or if we will be returning in the same capacity, it will most definitely be different, but we think about all of you and we want to see you. The tour will take place before we return to work, we are aiming to be doing private pony play dates and educational visits, optimistically around the beginning of June.

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