Is it July Already?

It was the longest half year, it was the shortest half year…

We started July off with our traditional trip to Kenzie’s birthday. We took Max and Mia – Red got the afternoon off. When Kenzie’s mom handed me the invitation for Jessica, Kenzie informed me if I wanted to bring my horses, that would be alright.

Last year Max ate most of the weeds, this year, just as they took the group picture, Mia had a runny poop.


Painting the fence, I have been painting the fence around the pony riding ring at the farm. Good for my lessons and Pony and Princess Tea Parties. (Except today, it is hot as bells 😉 )Boredom is the mother of invention, or something like that. This tea party idea came to me one night and it is actually quite popular! We sold out the first one, although with social distancing protocols, I don’t know that I want to really brag on that… We have a second one scheduled and we are also doing a Heroes and Horses Party, we will invite some local heroes, kids can dress like super heroes.

The day we shot promo pictures for the tea party, my kid has decided she is no longer a princess.

Kenzie in a princess dress, thank goodness I have one child in my life who comes along on my crazy train ideas. How cute is she without that front tooth?
This little traitor though, I don’t want to wear a princess dress, a half hour putting her hair into a bun, securing a real tiara – mine into her hair, I don’t wanna wear this. 8 years, she dressed as a fairy princess for Halloween, now, the one time I want her dressed like one, she’s out.


Oh Em Gee, (Haw, see what I did there, yeah clever), this might be one of the best parts of what we are doing. We have a freestyle track at the farm. Improvements to a road and trail, mean carriage lessons can start soon. I already drove on it with Red. It’s so bumpy, we need to put the harrows to it and Red doesn’t do anything at a walk, so I was remiss to drive through the field because of ground hog holes. Instead I allowed the little flaxen mane demon to bounce me all over – shaken not stirred! We did end up in the cabbage once, she isn’t a fan of blinders and that is all I happened to have in a bridle that day. Plus we were driving in a pony fore cart, so a bit more to handle. I also picked up my third harness, which is great, except Mia isn’t really broke to drive and Max is just learning to be a singleton. I bought a new wagon, painted it red, still need to do the trim work. Also need to fashion a set of shafts, or buy hames and collars…

Trying to figure out what I want to do for trim. It had silver trim on it, but I am more a fan of the white, like the Budweiser Clydesdale wagon. Need a custom license plate – thinking Rough Rider 😉 Am I talking about Roosevelt’s Calvary, a cowboy who breaks young horses or throwing back a little urban slang…


We are back, visiting through windows, in person in small groups. This was in Bobcaygen, but we are back all over.


I made the decision I was buying another horse this year. I like my quarter horses, I like a western stock. I was going to buy a quarter horse last year, she had just retired from barrels and was pretty hot in an arena. Mr. Sheppard was like, “You will kill yourself. You are 43, not 23”.

What I wanted was under my nose, Mr Chester. Last year he arrived from a farm just a few doors away from my house. A cryptorchid, he has only one descended testicle. He is blind in one eye and sadly losing sight in the other. The vet at the PPI, (pre-purchase inspection) asked me if I knew what I was getting myself into. I do/did, but way too late, I was/am in love.

He needs a couple pounds, spring is always hard on studs, we need to address his teeth – they need to be floated. Honestly, I had never seen a horse whose teeth weren’t floated, I had no idea what the spurs looked like. When the vet opened Chester’s mouth I was like, OMG! I actually recoiled in horror. Old dogs, learning new stuff daily LOL It is taking everything in me not to jump on his back. I set August as when I will. I am feeding him as much wet roughage as he wants, like a pageant mom weighing him daily.


We are showing, just finished show 2 for the season, we have one more with this group from New York, then we are doing our own on-line show and the horseman’s club we belong to, is waiting on the township to give them the go ahead, we might get a couple live shows in too.


Well almost, we have drop by visits we are doing with people. $20 plus travel, take the minis visiting. Last night I watched a video Jessica’s teacher did for the school year. I cried, our kids have suffered though so much this year. It’s not just no school and not spending time with their friends, it’s missed dance lessons and competitions and recitals, 4 costumes she will never wear – because she is growing like a weed. No soccer, we were with that soccer club since it’s inception, this would be her last year, no end of school trip, the end of school was done on a google meets, meeting. I see what this has done to my own child, I know we aren’t alone, so as long as I cover my gas, Jess gets to go to daycare and the minis get to spend time with people, we’re going to work. Those poor horses, we were on the road, doing 40 visits a month, they miss people too. They know what they do, so I figure, cover my gas, keep us somewhat afloat – I can always do more bookkeeping if I need cash flow, our business is to use our horses as ambassadors, to champion mental health and be ambassadors for their breed. That is what I started this company to do and darn it all if COVID wasn’t the end of it, it’s going to be the beginning.

One of the most fond memories I hear when we are in a retirement home is the man/men who brought the ponies around to neighbourhoods, this is the summer we’re going to help some people make some memories. I always say, we never turn anyone down for lack of money, we won’t this summer either, contact me, we will help you, we will come see you. It’s never no, it’s always, let’s figure it out. We are in this together!

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