I love a Parade!

I worked for a funeral director who said every time he drove in a procession that song, “I love a parade”, played in his head. Sometimes random things fall out of my mouth or in this case fingers.

90% sure, this might be the butt crack of dawn. 

I couldn’t sleep yesterday – I was too excited, we were going on tour! A month or so ago we started planing this, a little birdie had let me know restrictions would be lifted and a key part of the economic recovery was going to be started around the long weekend in May. So I reached out to some LTC homes and asked, could we drop by, 10 minutes walk around outside, wave and be off – some said yes, some didn’t and one went on outbreak last week. On Friday, Mr. Shep asks, can we postpone until Wednesday. That guy! No we cannot, I have 8 retirement and LTC care homes to go to, we are taking 3 horses, I need 3 bodies. He was asked to work, for the record this happens every time I have something I want to do. Pride picnic – sorry working; family festival – jeepers honey I can’t get it off; sale at Canadian Tire on useless tools you might use once – nah babe I am home all weekend! I swear he begs them, you don’t even have to pay me, I’ll clean the toilets, just anything not to have to go with the crazy woman and her ponies.

So, I wrangled Katelyn to help, to be honest it is really hard to find help with the state of the world, I am conscious of whose parents or members of their household might be immune compromised and other people’s safety is paramount.

20200519_083525 (1)
Katelyn really wants to be a Max girl – the girls Max listens to and behaves for. He has a thing for young girls. Typical Cassanova. Old hags like me, not a chance.
20200519_042445 (1)
Lunch and snacks for all – just kidding, 3 of them are Jessica’s.

First stop was Bobcaygeon, honestly, we spent 45 minutes there, going to the windows of all the rooms, saying hello, the minis eating dandelions like it’s a career. It was really humbling, the signs out front, the wreaths for those lost, and the resiliency of the residents and staff. From there we traveled to Cannington, Port Perry, Oshawa, Whitby, Markham, Richmond Hill, Toronto and then Uxbridge. In some places the residents were outside, some places we visited windows and some places we just wandered and waved. Jessica and I were on the road 12 hours, we slept so well last night!

So many amazing tributes to those on the front lines. I wanted to take pictures and make a video, but wrangling Red in a sea of dandelions makes using a phone pretty hard. 

Yesterday was important for so many reasons, first I miss everyone – the stories, the time we spend with not just the residents, but the staff. You all are heroes and we love you and thank you for protecting our most vulnerable. Secondly, what is everyone wearing? So some places had gowns over their clothes, everyone had masks, anyone without glasses had shields. My glasses don’t want to stay on with my mask around my ears, so I need something better, especially wrangling a hungry Red and a dandelion field. My glasses kept falling off. I definitely need something to hold my mask at the back of my head. (Poor Jessica, her mask was too big, not sure how that works, Jessica has a very large head. I know this, natural birth, failed epidural.) Finally, how does what we do, fit into this new landscape. It is one thing to sit at home and throw ideas against a wall, it is a whole different landscape to actually go out and see what people are dealing with, how everything is affected.

A more svelte Red for 2020, streamlined, maybe people will quit asking if she is pregnant now. Mia gained, Red lost, now they look like sisters.

What did we learn – window visits, outdoor visits, this is our new way of providing entertainment, we can go window to window where possible, or we can bring the horses, ground tie them, we have a barrier that can go in front, we stand behind the horse, this allows people to get close, while we maintain physical distancing. We can bring the jumps and hoops, do some running with them, little show. Petting, well we aren’t ready yet. The risk is very low, people who have been tested, who live together in a “herd” environment, chances are they won’t transmit by petting, but then those horses get back on the trailer with us, what is our risk and that is what we need to calculate.

For the younguns

Pony Playdates and Individual Field trips. When we bought this house 2 years ago, I enrolled us in the pollinator pathway project, then working 60 hours and horses and other stuff got me derailed, but this spring I have had the time to get back to it. Also as an almost 20 year urbanite, I have a tremendous amount of knowledge and skill for container gardening. So, combine the ponies, the gardens and something most people are already trying their hands at, the container gardening and share my knowledge. This was already discussed with both insurance companies back in March, and I have spoken at length with the town, so we know we are covered. Oh and bees, we have 250 leaf cutter bees enroute – non stinging LOL.

I am also going back to accounting a couple days a week. It pays the bills consistently LOL and I have a project I am taking on that shouldn’t be more than a month. I have an excellent mind for memorizing things I read, I have formal training in public speaking and debating, (I know, I swear like a trucker, but when I turn it on…) as well as an ability to understand numbers. As such I am well thought of by companies who use my unique skill set when faced with governmental audits. I always laugh when an auditor will walk in and address me by name, the owners of the companies are pleased and I’m always like, yeah this might not be a good thing, while I think back to my last encounter with this auditor and who was the victor. I trained in hand written, manually calculated ledgers, most bookkeepers only do computerized, I have a slight advantage in that I am can really understand the bones of a set of books, without relying on pre-generated reports that may be inaccurate, or answers to questions that fall outside of an algorithm. Plus I read statutes for fun.

All those skills, incredibly good looking and I would still rather shovel poop and brush ponies 😉 Take lovelies, enjoy the weather!


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