Happy Valentines!

I should put up the video of Jessica’s dancing alpaca she got for Christmas.

I think we all know, given my sporadic updating I will miss Valentines all together. Probably. We are at the Wynfield on Valentines Day – pretty excited, think we will take Red. She really likes it there, plus it’s a double header on Thursday so Mia is taking over those. You know, I think Red can tell time… Right at the hour and a half, (our usual time for visits), she’s like, I am outta here! Meanwhile Mia is still going 2.5 hours in.

Understands French, tells time, she learns to drive the truck and I won’t even have to go along. – Like I’d trust Red to collect the cheques, I bought these magic oats, you see I was hungry and they magically filled me up. None for Max and Mia though!

I am babying my computer through this next little while. It is dying a slow death. I have my eyes on a new Lenova Thinkpad – so those little minis better get some more work booked! Just kidding, we’re already booking April and July and August are starting to fill up. I am going to start bagging poop though soon, monetize those monkeys from head to tail. You see horse poop is one of the few manures that does not need to rot or age, it can be spread, quite literally still warm. As we bed on peat moss, you just mix with a bit of topsoil and you have a great dressing for flower beds, we can make a concentrated liquid tea too. Wow, Red is right, I do talk about poop way too much! Anyways, we will have it available for a couple bucks a bag if anyone is interested.

Speaking of business and growing, I got accepted into Community Innovation’s NEXT 25 program!!!

I actually dance like this whenever my daughter is watching, it humiliates her. Which, as a mom, is my job.

So what is NEXT 25? – From their website

“Who are the NEXT 25?

The Refinery’s one-year program brings together a cohort of amazing women who are poised to grow their businesses. They are Durham Region’s NEXT 25 – informed and inspired women, committed to growing their ventures.

The Refinery’s Intensive program is a one-year growth accelerator for women who have completed The Refinery’s three-day Boot Camp. In Intensive sessions, we tackle the most significant challenges for women entrepreneurs – capital, talent, and process improvement. Throughout the year, we help women connect with advisors and mentors, and provide marketing support and access to space for professional meetings and events.”

– shh don’t tell them I am Kawartha – actually there is at least one other Kawartha I know of 🙂 Miss Heather Chapman, who I am going t get t d some rebranding for us this summer. Time to step away from Vista Print, as great as they are and get a truly professional look.

It’s kinda a big deal. Plus a year of advertising on their site, access to the most brilliant minds in social media management and engagement, new trends in business, personalized coaching – I am so excited to travel this journey! Plus, we get to co-host an event with another business.


I had a board meeting this weekend, felt like injecting a little parliamentary procedure into the blog.

Information for people interested in our mini horse competitive team. The Resources for Exceptional Children and Youth – Durham Region have assistance available through the Dual Diagnosis part of their mandate to cover the cost of a child or youth’s participation on our team. You submit our invoice, they cut us a cheque.

What else… We are back to the drawing board on boots, Red blew out the back of her Cavellos – we are at 8 boots purchased, right now I have 4 usable, only 2 of which are the same size. This weekend is a trip to Fabricland and Petsmart. We are literally limping along this week. I saw Karen, our Farrier yesterday and we did some brainstorming, none of which seems likely to work, she apprenticed with a barefoot trimmer who was actually trimming to have a cleat of sorts in the actual hoof, but that is barefoot racing on grass and dirt, not the hard, slippery surfaces we encounter. I saw a lady has a set of Davis boots for sale, but they are soaker boots, not jogging boots and I am remiss to pay another $100-150 for something that just isn’t going to work. Any suggestions, lemme have them!

Found a great deal on surcicle and diaper – problem only one left, so it should arrive this week.

We are all booked up with stuff for Family Day – should be fun. We start showing in June in Brooklin. First weekend! I think Kiefer and Rachel and I will go down. Then I can talk to the MHCO folks about whether it is necessary to paper Max and Mia, I am not going to lie, a foal out of Mia is starting to be appealing. My biggest hold back, say the foal lives to be 40, I’ll be 84, I don’t want to abandon a horse in it’s twilight years, of course the foal might only live to 35 and I am pretty sure at 79 I will be spry enough to look after a geriatric horse. We’ll see, not this year, maybe next. Or maybe I go buy a cute little foal and then I don’t have to worry about losing a good horse, who works very hard for me, during foaling. Leave breeding to the pros. Decisions, decisions…

That is all lovelies, have a great Valentines Day! and happy February 15th when the chocolate is all on sale – and the roses.

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