Happy New Year

So we are a bit late.

How is everyone? Good, full of p & v for the new year, broken any resolutions yet?

We rang in the new year wishing Jessie would go to bed! Trent plowed snow, we watched Harry Potter. I have no idea what the minis did.

Mia, let’s talk about this muffky!

Hanging with the staff at Wynfield
In the library at a school

Say what, she’s working and she is good. Except pottying, we are working hard to get trained, the diaper is pretty good, I carry wipes and bags. Last week was worming, next time we will do it before the weekend 🙂 OOPS. Red started her season, so we have charted, and will observe as the spring arrives. Mia worked 2 days last week, Red took 2 days. I feel very confident going forward with Mia and what a love bug, in your pocket, high threshold for stress. She is better than her Mom, she just doesn’t have Red’s attitude, or her hip sashay, or her way of looking at you like she owns you.

We have launched the registration for the competition team. Mia and Max are coming from my herd and Michelle is deciding on 3 from hers. I imagine, Brownie, Ladybug and Dreamer, but I am not sure. Practice starts May, so in April we will hopefully be able to work them a bit. Quick rundown, $300 for season, 5 shows, shows are extra, practice once a week for an hour, 6 month commitment. We have monthly payments available. The contract is 6 or 7 pages, ’cause we are that extra.

The Down Syndrome Association Christmas Party

What a great afternoon. The horses behaved, rode a small lift, no big service elevators this day, AND made it outside for potty! I had Amy with me, God love that child. Always on the lookout for hot guys 🙂

The kids led the horses, posed for pictures and fed them peppermints
Mia did a great job, she really excels with children with exceptionalities

Amy is laid up right now, blew out her knee at wrestling practice. I took her to yoga last week, some people will do anything to get out of class. It’s a community center yoga, last week was pre and post partum yoga, just what every teenager needs. no wonder she claims to be injured!

I got to spend some time with another young lady. Katelyn is the minis former owners granddaughter. A wicked hockey player and very accomplished horsewoman in her own right! However, I think her judgement is lacking, she said Amy seemed so nice, I was like, you know she bites people. 🤣 She bit me.

Kiddo. get me out of here, this woman is nuts. Also, sorry I bucked you off when you were younger, you were my favourite.
Seriously, we can make a run for it. She pees when she runs

We are working on a program with the Down Syndrome Association and a couple Community Living Centers in Toronto. We are also going to be working with Children’s Wish. See, Mr Sheppard, I wasn’t just sitting around eating gingerbread for 5 weeks… He never said that, he’s not certain I don’t actually know how to geld, so he watches the old p’s & q’s.

Finally, we, big Shep and I are going to be sponsoring a horse. He is a 25 year old Arab stallion who has been abandoned. I fell in love with him, he looks like the Island Stallion from the Black Stallion series. Up until recently, he had people, it appears he no longer does.  The fate of old stallions, not really fair to geld, need special housing, someone who can handle them… Many end up abandoned, if there is no room in a rescue or at a sanctuary, well we know the fate of unwanted horses. It is someday and my Prince has come.

He looks startled because he is an Arabian. He was also physically abandoned long before he was financially. It’ll take some time to earn his trust.
Red has a crush on him, she’s going to be so mad. Here’s your new brother!

Well that is all lovies. Hope everyone survives this ice storm, stay warm, stay safe and I will be back soon with more tales of mini muffin mischief and pictures of Prince.

We are going to talk with people over the next little while, whether this will be a family sponsorship or a company. We are a social enterprise and I feel like for all of you reading, who are essentially stakeholders, this is something you could be a part of as well. We are growing, the business is profitable, the minis are well looked after, using some of our profit in this way, feels right.

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