Fire Alarms

I am not sure if anyone who reads the blog, trains minis or is thinking of starting their own business supplying minis for therapy work…

Fire alarms, you have to train for these. They can be terrifying. Doors shut on their own, flashing lights, loud horns and sirens, loud speaker announcements and a sense of controlled panic.

Great Patti, how do I train for it. I don’t know. It is 100% trust between you and your horse. Red and I wandered down a hall, out of the way and sat on a bench. We chatted, I think and hope the staff were impressed with how she handled it. I didn’t react, so she didn’t react. The predator in charge of her doesn’t care, and is relaxed, there is nothing to fear.

So take them to loud things, run and walk a thons, always have mega phones. Walk by the tractor, walk down busy roads, blast air horns, race around on an atv. It is literally the only way and keep your wits, because everything that travels down that lead shank is what the horse feels.

So even when you are not sure it is just a drill, act like it happens all the time, kick your feet up and relax. We have been in homes for several now, the first time I didn’t know what it was, so I couldn’t react lol. Sometimes the element of surprise and being oblivious is a blessing lol.

Happy Valentine’s Day all!

Someone bought Red a sugar cookie, it was a cookie gram fundraiser. I ate half, but if Red asks, say my dogs ate it 😉

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