Masks arrived, hats with face shields are coming and we aren’t even sure we will be doing inside visits anymore. I am trying to find a distillery to buy sanitizer from. I have a few bottles and wipes from public events we have done, but they might last a week or two. I may have bought them from a dollar store, so I am not sure I 100% trust them anyway.

We have a few new things we are doing. First we are reading Black Beauty with the minis each evening, one chapter a night, it’s online on our YouTube channel. We also post the link on Facebook and Insta. We were going to upload to Insta, but it took an hour for a 3 minute video last night, so that is a no… Chapter One There is is. I tried to get a bit more interaction, but minis, evening, eating. I get it, same way!

We will be taking to Zoom, doing pony play dates and wellness visits. Depending on recommendations over the next few weeks, it will be a way of doing business, or something we do to advertise the business. We also have a huge surprise coming up, it is so secret there are NDA’s in place with everyone we are working with. I am super excited.

Anyways, wanted to check in with everyone, say Hi, we are going to be working on the website. I upgraded our plan, so you will see more advertising on the site. I have tried to place it in non bothersome places. We haven’t made a dime off of it, so if that continues, I will eventually just do away with it. I was excited because the new plan came with upgraded themes, but I kinda like our own theme the best. I will be minimizing the site, remove events page, there will be no public events at all and the picture page, I hate it, it needs to be fixed. We do need a services page.

Funny story, Mr Shep is construction and is still working, because he is a crane operator, but he is working less, the transportation side of our business is quiet now, we are 2nd tier transporters, and of course, Kawartha Lakes still has road restrictions on, COVID, and early in the season. He is home – a lot. Tried to have a proper meeting the other morning, I made the mistake of saying, a company I follow in another country is doing blank… This started a tirade about that country’s response to COVID-19. It was a completely political tirade, and based on the fact he has friends, business partners etc., who do business in this particular country and the issues they are having – anyways, I realized there is a reason we don’t do morning meetings.

I missed Maxie Bear’s birthday! 5 years old in April. Happy Birthday Little Bear!

OMG, he was so cute.

Chat again soon! Jessica and I will be going over soon to film chapter 2, she is my camera person.

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