Dandelion Jelly and Back to Work

My bees are here! I ordered 250 leaf cutter bees, these are non-stinging, efficient little pollinators. I buy mine at this website. https://backyardpollinator.ca/leafcutter-bees-megachile-rotundata/leafcutter-bees-at-work/ Recently I was very inspired by a collection of memes where Karens get served their comeupance a movement out of Ireland, the concept of learning to grow one food. I think IContinue reading “Dandelion Jelly and Back to Work”

Social Enterprise and Cost Structure

In having a conversation with a potential client today, I was explaining, we never say no, to anyone. Right now, we are a partnership, our structure is that of a social enterprise. A social enterprise uses traditional business methods, to achieve a social impact. So we take that great business school education and we useContinue reading “Social Enterprise and Cost Structure”