Canada Day Birthday!

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My friend’s daughter’s birthday is July 1st – lucky kid, fireworks on your birthday!

We decided to go up and do the party, bring the minis as much as for exposure as anything. The kids loved them, but they are junior kindergarten kids, they have the attention span of gnats. As our own daughter was attending, that left Mr. Sheppard and I, to walk Max and Red. They did an awesome job of eating down my friend’s weeds!

It took me an hour and a half and 13% battery power on my phone to finally get that picture above.

And that is the last party we have booked for 2019 – another might come in, but August and September are pretty booked with showing and Max is only starting doing nursing homes this month, so it is highly unlikely he will be able to take them on himself this year. That leaves the majority of the work for Red, which means she gets weekends off – except Pride! I love Pride, I love the sense of community, the love. Red and Max will be at Pride, then Max will start getting ready to do shows with Mia and Red will have her weekends off. She’ll probably just hang out with her BFF Buttercup (one of Michell and Jim’s minis), talking about how handsome Prince is.


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