What do you get when you cross a youngish, really good looking entrepreneur with a passion for horses, with a business boot camp facilitated by an MBA with a degree in psychology?


Is it possible to feel like your brain is scrambled eggs and uber focused at once? I feel like Harry Potter when Snape was teaching him to block Voldemort’s ability to access his thoughts.

I went in with one goal and found out, it was wrong, the goal I need to focus on, totes different! So I have my 30/60/90 goals, and I am going to have a better social media presence. Special thanks to our group leader who helped me clarify what I want to accomplish on social media and how to use it effectively. No more cat memes…

Ok, just 2 more…


What we are going to focus on for the next little while, is the competitive team. I talked to Kiefer last night and will speak with Rachel as soon as I see her, they will be the helpers, but I really need to focus on the fun. One of the main reasons we do this, the horses need to have fun too. These little guys take in a lot. Often people recoil when I say, my horses have been punched and stood and took it. I will stop right there and say, I do not let it happen, if I can avoid it, but if we have staff and other residents standing around, someone could get hurt, if we move too quickly. Where I can, I get them back, sometimes I cannot. Memory wards are draining to people, let alone a sentient creature. So running and jumping and playing, that’s fun for them! They get to be horses. The team is as much for them as it is the kids.

So you will see a lot of posts, for those of you who follow us a lot, some of the pictures will be repeats. I am going to talk about the team, what we observed in the kids who participated last year. We will be at Easter on the Farm on Good Friday, hopefully the ground is unfroze and not too muddy, we’ll run some obstacles. Have an info booth.

To see those kids blossom, even my own Jessica who isn’t always that interested in the horses, to see these kids have fun and work together and support each other. Honestly I tear up thinking about it. It was amazing. So until later, a look back on the season that was, as we look forward to the season that’s coming. You will probably see us in Brooklyn in June!


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