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I just realized I haven’t been on the blog in forever. Shep is gonna luv I found a Murdoch Mysteries gif.

We bought a farm!

Picture it, Ontario 2021. The world is reeling from a deadly pandemic, businesses closing, people out of work and miraculously, an absolutely insane real estate market.

I call and said to Mr. Sheppard, “I cannot get this farm out of my mind, I feel like we need to go see it.” Mr. Sheppard’s response was, “Yes, you need to see that place”, when you read that in your head, make it a sarcastic, bitchy, man tone. Three days later we wrote an offer, got a crash course in commercial property investing, 19 days later we had listed, had a million views and accepted an offer on our place! 2 days later we bought a skid steer, 5 days after that we bought another – Do Not Ask, this is like the how many new trucks can Mr. Shep buy in a month argument of 2018. He needs to learn about extended test drives, less paperwork than buying and returning vehicles. Less costly as well.

The house is – livable. I threatened Shep if he said it one more time I would stab him. Going from a house where we are the first ones to live in it post reno, to an 1850’s farm house is tough. Don’t get me wrong, the house is tight, great bones, but it’s no open concept, new kitchen, spacious and modern interior. However the barn, 5 lay down stalls, 5 standing stalls. Soon to be converted to 7 laydown stalls and a tack room/office for me. A quarantine shed with 3 stalls, chicken coop my future chickens can literally move right into. Covered round bale feeders, 3 run ins, an apple orchard, creek.. One of the run-ins is perfect for minis, it’s actually a miniature barn, with a round bale feeder on the side.

Paint the little run-in red and white, there’s a paddock behind it with a nice split rail fence, we are going to put a proper wood fence around the first part. There’s the best horse dad ever seeding that part of the paddock. Holy heck, $200 for a bag of seed. I nearly fell over, more so when it didn’t even do that paddock.

Did someone say new horses? Yes we have some ponies joining the herd. We have a nice mini coming in, from a good family, upstanding young gelding. Honestly his family is delighted he is coming into our program and we are beyond excited to have him! The geldings will have one paddock and the mares another. We are on the lookout for a friend for Chester, he gets the big field 😉 Cause he’s the big guy LOL I am also debating a foal, I guess debate isn’t the right word, trying to figure out how I can subvert the truth to Mr. Shep just until the shock of what we are embarking on dissipates a bit. I only have a couple days to decide if I am putting the deposit down.

Birdies! Our farm is only going to have the horses and some birds, I have 4 layer hens coming and 5, day old ducklings. It was going to be 30 ducks, but neither Jessica nor I can feed them and raise them and then send them off to be Christmas dinner. We have agreed, the drakes if we get any, they will have to go. I am getting my ring neck pheasant permit/license so I can keep them. The birds arrive from Frey’s Hatchery in July.

We will have a big welcome party as soon as we can. We were going to rent Orono Fairgrounds for a Pony Picnic, we might just do it at the farm. If I can get the grass to grow in. Picnic lunch, pony rides courtesy of a friend and channel partner of SHBHS.

Grow grass, but not too much, because mowing is a lot of work.

This fall we have meetings with Kawartha Conservation, there are numerous grants we can take advantage of because of the creek and the fact part of the farm is protected, we want to build a private conservation area, native plants, pollinator gardens and then, rent an acre of it to a bee keeper. The treed area has trails we can fix up. A private retreat we will open to the public to enjoy too.

That’s all I can think of. Packing, is going. Jess is old enough she is able to do a lot of her own. The minis, well I gotta do theirs, same with Chester LOL and Mr. Shep. I made the deal, if he got the equipment all ready to go, like the riding lawnmower etc., I would do all the packing. Our friend Kevin is getting the lawnmower ready and I am still doing all the packing – yeah.

Hoping for smooth sailing and seamless closing! See you all soon!

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