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So much happenings. We did Halloween at Frost Manor, it was a surprise, Red and Mia went. We had a special handler in Katelyn, she is the granddaughter of the minis previous owner, a very accomplished horse woman, and probably one of the best female hockey players in Canada. Ok the last part might be an exaggeration. Or not.

Christmas on the Farm. December 1st. This is going to be so much fun and work, but fun!

Everyone loves a parade! Instead of Oshawa, we are doing Lindsay, Little Britain and maybe Woodville. I love the vibe of Woodville so much, but Christmas is pretty packed this year.

Day camps, dear goodness what have I done? Michelle and I are running day camps through the holidays, add in 2 surprise visits Christmas Eve and I’m probably just going to sleep through Christmas Day.

So that is about it, plugging away, waiting to hear about a founder’s boot camp I applied for. Oh and in one of my founder groups for young, hot entrepreneurs, (made the last part up), there was a request to share this with our friends, so for the person who reads this blog, Earth Suds Get your clean on for the holidays! They have been successfully targeting hotels with these products that do away with single use plastics. For $5.99 you can buy a spiffy, little box to keep your shampoo and conditioner in. I am thinking of ordering as Christmas presents.

‘Til next time friends!

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