Been a bit, some news…

We bought a farm! Picture it, Ontario 2021. The world is reeling from a deadly pandemic, businesses closing, people out of work and miraculously, an absolutely insane real estate market. I call and said to Mr. Sheppard, “I cannot get this farm out of my mind, I feel like we need to go see it.”Continue reading “Been a bit, some news…”

Dandelion Jelly and Back to Work

My bees are here! I ordered 250 leaf cutter bees, these are non-stinging, efficient little pollinators. I buy mine at this website. Recently I was very inspired by a collection of memes where Karens get served their comeupance a movement out of Ireland, the concept of learning to grow one food. I think IContinue reading “Dandelion Jelly and Back to Work”