Are We Still Here?

Of course we are! Max, Red and Mia aren’t going anywhere, especially not since they have big brother Chester to teach the ropes.

I bit off so much more than I could chew! What started as a new job, three days in the office, 2 at home, I don’t care when you come in as long as you are there for key meetings turned into 5, sometimes 7 days a week, early mornings, late nights – all the stuff that makes me tick 🙂 I work for a medical conglomerate, I went from financial manager/officer to operations and finance manager/officer for the whole dang thing! Including a new COVID clinic.

Now you tell me

However, SHBH is always going to be my first love. I just might not get much sleep for the next decade – oh yeah, I signed a 5 year contract to do what I do, but verbally agreed to 10.

That above, excellent quote, I am totally going to do that! That is how people should live their lives.

So – how are the minis? Awesome, although Red and I are having a tiff right now, you see I bought her a brand new harness and cart. Hitched her up last weekend, to have her run away on me and I couldn’t stop her! I ended up in a snowbank, being tossed from the cart, brand new harness trashed and me bruised from my shoulder to ankle on my right side. She was in heat and Prince was in the barn and come heck or high water, she was getting back into that barn to prance around in front of him. I thought we were ride or die Red, I really did. I didn’t know it was you ride and me die. Mia and Max are now my favourites. Totally my fault, I should have lunged her or line drove her first and as soon as I can put weight on my bad knee for any length of time, we will be hitching again.

Funny story, this year Mia is seasoning, (heat) the week before Red, I caught her with Max backed into a corner, trying to kick him. I don’t know what Max did, it could be a culmination of many years, but he was in trouble!

Chester had cryptorchid surgery in September, it has made a tremendous change! I still rode him as a rig, (stallion with an undescended testicle), but now Jessica can ride him! That makes me so happy. He is a couple years away from joining us on the trailer.

With everything I bit off, we decided to put the plans for the barn where we board on hold. We have entered a contract with Orono to rent their fairgrounds for mini horse lessons, we will be having a pony picnic there and our grand finale, the kids will get to show off what they learned at the Orono Fair.

When life is all tied up – for today!

So we will have more info coming, it’s tax season and I am doing a few sole proprietors year ends, plus my 9-5, plus the ponies, got to make hay while the sun shines – especially at the price of it! $7 a bale.

Chat later lovies, the minis send their love.

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