An Off Day

When we got to our second location yesterday, Red was off her game. Now it had rained, they had been inside for a couple days. I had been away in Ottawa, returning home with a horrible stomach bug and a stressful family situation that being sick exasperated. (An ill parent – my parents are healthy as mini horses, so it is shocking when they aren’t, worse when you are sick and cannot be with them) Red had done a birthday party on the Sunday and a seniors day center in the morning, so by afternoon she was maybe pushing it a bit. Plus she had a week off prior.

That changed when she went to see Adam. We always spend a lot of time with him, he calls her, “the wee horse”. She calmed right down, fell asleep. She finished her rounds in her usual steady fashion, although she was not feeling the elevator.

It hit me, these visits do as much good for her as they do the residents and she absolutely has her favourites. The lady who feeds her peppermints, Adam, the gentleman who feeds her apples, I do see a pattern here 🙂

Tonight I brought all three in from the paddock. Max walked perfectly beside me, none of his usual shenanigans and I wondered, he did a birthday party on Sunday and was awesome, but I gave him a job, am I sitting on the pot too long with him.

MHCO is allowing no papers in their shows, so Max and Mia are going to start showing. I am going to tag along with the neighbour to the local mini horse fun nights and get familiar with showing and then this summer, I have some lovely young ladies who are going to show for me. I might make a therapy horse out of Mia and Max yet… If anyone has an elevator I can use to proof them in it, gimme a call!

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