A Little Time Off

I don’t want to write about COVID 19, but I feel I should. Even though, everyone is talking about it.

Really, I am not making light, we are at a standstill.

I didn’t buy toilet paper for my family, but the horses have hay cubes and nice grassy hay and a great performance feed to mix with their oats. I was afraid the feed stores would close. Plus we have a bidet, who needs toilet paper? As long as we don’t run out of sugar free pudding and whipped cream, otherwise I will have to riot.

Honestly, the minis have no clue what is going on. Mom isn’t yelling at us for getting muddy, we can play outside all day, no trips on the trailer… They are just living their best life.

Mr Shep is ramping up, construction is unaffected. Permits for road closures are still being issued. With the early closure of rinks and community centers, any hvac, roof work can be done. So he is staying busy, his union has mailed out a gift card worth 2 weeks of groceries at Loblaws. Every bit helps.

We are continuing the colouring contest, displaying them on Instagram and Facebook. Just something, to do. My cousin just messaged, the care home where she works is going to do it. The more the merrier. They are starting to run out of stuff to do.

When we can, we will start pony play dates up. The farm runs its own programs and I don’t want to be in the way, so it was, I am sure a strange few phone calls last week, but I am covered to have them at the house. Converting half the garage to a wash stall might be easier than first thought.

Off horsey topic, but a great big congratulations to my handsome step son who graduates this week. His conservation officer ring ceremony is tomorrow. Very proud of that young man. Also he should totally move to Ontario, so I can convert the garage to an apartment with a walk in shower, accessible from the outside for the horses.

Ok then… I am not crazy, my mom had me tested.

That is all I can think of. Mr Shep tries to stay away, I have all kinds of projects for my time off. Expect another website reboot. Today we fixed an eavestrough that has irritated me for 2 years and cut down some scrub brush, oh and fought like cats and dogs.

You got up at 5am, why have you not had breakfast by 11.

Just leave me to hug my horses 😉 Our online Lindsay Advocate article is up, I will link it in media tomorrow. Apparently there are a few industry articles I haven’t got my claws on yet, if you see them, send them over. Take care lovies. Wash your hands and hooves, don’t clean any sheaths for anyone you don’t know.

Just so you know buddy, I’ll be paying someone else to clean your sheath.

Maxie driving, that’s another post!

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