Full Time

It’s here, it really is. Small Hooves is going fulltime. After a short vacation, punctuated by horsey visits and some work on my CRM files and some more accounting… Not as many mixed emotions today, although it started out as a cluster you know what of a day…



All is not lost, I will retain some accounting clients and I always have plans up my sleeves for money making events.

Christmas on the Farm – the worst storm of the year, but the vendors came, the medium came, Cheryl Bailey came, families came and it was good. I got closer to a falcon than I ever thought I would. We are definitely doing it again next year and maybe doing a little weather dance, hoping for better weather.

This weekend is Sleeping Beauty or Snow White – whichever one had little people. That is Sunday in Beaverton – come out, support the dancers! All proceeds go to diabetes charities. It is also the farm’s potluck on Saturday. A little partaying – fortunately I do not drink, but I do know how to video  – just in case business slows, I can always blackmail others. Money is money and Red and I gotta eat!

Next week is a slow week, time to do stuff – Next weekend my Papa turns 70! Little party.


Time is almost up, I can go home and close the door on this office for the last time – not the last time, I’m coming back to do their year end. – Because I am a putz who cannot say no!

Chat soon blog fans!


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Equine wellness services located in the beautiful Kawartha Lakes and North Durham Region.

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